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3 Essential Tips for Being a Great Neighbour

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

You can change your friends but you can't change your neighbours. We all expect a certain standard from our neighbours, but do we ever fall short of these standards ourselves? Here are 3 key tips to make sure you stay in your neighbours good books!

Watch the noise levels

Be considerate of your neighbours!

Whilst this is more common for those living in apartments, noise complaints are certainly not uncommon for those living in neighbourhoods. It's important to be conscious of the noise you are making throughout the day, especially during the evening. If you are hosting any parties it is always courteous to inform your immediate neighbours, to help maintain friendly relations. Just think if it was in reverse, you would also want to be informed.

When you get the chance, say "Hi"

The trick to having a good neighbour is to become one yourself. If you pass by whilst walking the dog, stop and say "Hi". Most people don't realize that we actually share a lot in common with our neighbours. In fact, your neighbours probably chose the neighbourhood for the same reasons you did: close to school & work, great facilities, convenient. With that in mind, there could be shared interests between you that you could take advantage of!

Remember them on special occasions

With Dubai being such a multi-cultural environment, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many different nationalities. A great way to build a rapport with your fence-sharers is by remembering them for cultural celebrations such as Christmas, Diwali or Eid. A simple card or knock at the door could go a long way in creating a friendship and more comfortable living arrangement.

So just remember to treat your neighbours the way you would like to be treated. This will significantly improve the quality of your relationships and the general vibe of the community. It doesn't hurt to have a few more 'neighbourly' friends either! By joining us at Hayi, you can manage these relationships on the go whilst also staying up to date with any changes or updates within the neighbourhood.

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