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Cleaning Up Dubai's Neighbourhoods

Hayi has recently launched its very own social initiative to help keep communities clean and free from litter. Whilst each neighbourhood generally has its own facilities management company to keep the community clean, there is always an abundance of trash lying in the streets, parks and back-alleys.

Whilst Hayi's volunteer-mission isn't to diminish or poke holes in the work of all contracted cleaners (they do an EXCELLENT job), its to bring more awareness to the littering issue that we experience here in Dubai, as well as hopefully creating various volunteer groups across the city that can help reduce the problem.

Hayi also aims to strengthen each community with various social initiatives that can not only help connect neighbours, but help get them active within the community. By partnering with Community Managers across the region, we will be able to establish local volunteer groups who can play a key role in upholding community values and subsequently keeping the neighbourhood safe for all.

If you have downloaded the app and are unable to find your neighbourhood, you can request your neighbourhood to be added here. You can also register your interest in joining a volunteer group for your community by emailing us at

[The Hayi Team cleaning up Jumeirah Village Triangle, Akoya Oxygen & The Gardens]

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