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Communicating With Neighbours Has Never Been This Easy

Okay, we know what you're thinking, "But I'm already part of a neighbourhood Facebook and WhatsApp Group'. Great! Then you already see the value in connecting the community and developing hyperlocal relationships. Hayi looks to take these basic online groups and create a digitized version of the neighbourhood.

Neighbour using Hayi App
Neighbours are verified by geo-location

Neighbour Communications

At its very core, Hayi aims to bring neighbours together and create a safe and exclusive platform for neighbours to connect with each other. Neighbours can interact in several ways, whether its by posting on the neighbourhood wall, commenting on posts or sending other neighbours private messages.

Community Management

Each neighbourhood or apartment complex is managed by a Community Manager. Hayi aims to help facilitate the communication between both parties by providing all Community Managers in the region free access to their own business profile, and exclusive access to all neighbourhoods under their management. This can speed up response times and increase click-through-rates of community updates, as all neighbours receive push notifications on Community Manager communications.


If there's one thing neighbours love, it's buying and selling used items. It helps you get an item off your hands, as well as save a bit of cash on a item you may only need to use once or twice. Facebook marketplaces continuously face being littered by spam and commercial posts which takes away from the authenticity of neighbour trading. Hayi's marketplace aims to create an organized and clean platform where neighbours can truly benefit from trading preloved items in a more effective and efficient way.

Business Discounts & Promotions

Everyone loves a discount or two. After facing a year like 2020, many families have had to tighten their purses and live within their means to withstand the financial implications of COVID-19. At the same time, businesses are looking to rebuild their operations and increase footfall. Therefore, we look to partner with merchants from across the city who can offer excellent promotions and discounts to neighbourhoods and get residents of the UAE back to enjoying everything this city has to offer.

If you live in a neighbourhood or apartment in Dubai, we invite you to download the Hayi App and see if your area has been added. If it hasn't, don't worry! Please fill out this request form and we will begin adding your community to the app!

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