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Control your Neighbourhood Notifications

One thing we used to hear from neighbours all the time was "I wish I could turn off irrelevant notifications from my Facebook neighbourhood group". Well, we listened to the criticism of Facebook Groups and made sure we added a notification setting to the Hayi app.

Creating a pleasant user experience is our utmost priority, and the last thing we want is for neighbours to be inundated with repetitive posts on information they don't find useful. We provide users control over their notifications so they can select which categories interest them, and which ones do not.

Types of users:

We find there are two types of app user: The conversation starters and the silent readers. Conversation starters are more active within online discussions and tend to have all notifications turned on so they can jump into a thread and get involved. Silent readers on the other hand tend to have high click through rates on content without performing an action (commenting or posting). Whichever category you fall into, the settings are there for you to. toggle based on your interests and app engagement level.

An example:

New to Dubai or even new to the neighbourhood? You will want to make sure your Recommendation notifications are switched on so you can stay in the loop with the best service providers and relevant information. Neighbours are more likely to make a purchase based on a positive neighbour review than they are from seeing online reviews.

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