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Hayi's Mission to Create Stronger Communities in the UAE

With the Government looking to implement measures that helps the UAE rebound from the affects of COVID-19, we aim to play our part in helping rebuild the country. Lives have been lost, jobs have been taken and futures have become uncertain.

Neighbourhood App in Dubai
An app for connecting neighbours

As we all continue to face our own unique struggles from this pandemic, we begin to long for social interaction and a need to reach out to others to avoid feeling alone. We connect with friends, family and work colleagues, however we are strangers to those who live in our neighbourhoods or apartment buildings.

Benefits of a Hyperlocal Network:

A strong and connected hyperlocal network can create tremendous opportunities to enhance our own wellbeing. Whether it be arranging a carpool for work commutes or school drop-offs, or simply finding a tennis partner for a casual hit, there are many ways in which knowing our neighbours will add value to our day to day lives. Our hope is that we can truly strengthen our local communities, and make each neighbours life easier and more enjoyable.

Safety and Privacy:

Over the last few years, neighbours have relied on Facebook Groups and WhatsApp Groups as their main channel for connecting neighbours. Both channels are filled with so much fake engagement and spam that it detracts from the overall objective of creating meaningful relationships. Moreover, WhatsApp Groups are easily infiltrated and mobile numbers are collected and distributed for more and more daily sales calls that we all dread. Hayi offers a simple signup procedure, that requires minimal information, as well as a one time geo-location verification that ensures our neighbourhoods remain exclusive and safe for all neighbours.

If you live in a neighbourhood or apartment in Dubai, we invite you to download the Hayi App and see if your area has been added. If it hasn't, don't worry! Please fill out this request form and we will begin adding your community to the app!

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