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How The Pandemic Has Changed Life In Dubai

As the days, weeks and months go by, the UAE is still yet to realize the full extent of damages caused by the Coronavirus. The job market has taken a devastating hit and has left residents worrying about the security of their life in Dubai. As a result of this, it is forecasted that almost 10% of the population may leave the region.

With extremely strong leadership and swift handling of the pandemic, the UAE was able to contain the virus better than most, and has allowed for market reopening much sooner than anticipated. Despite this, an expat without a job is difficult to retain, especially since they are unable to claim unemployment benefits as they would in their home country.

Over the coming months as we steer closer to a vaccine and possibly putting the worst of the virus behind us, how does life in the UAE look post-COVID? A strong gearing towards digitization will be a first. With the UAE already regarding itself as a leader in technology, it will look to innovate and adopt new practices that can seamlessly integrate life both online and offline. Technology aside, the UAE must also bring community and inclusion to the forefront of its vision. To stabilize expat retention rates, it will be imperative that the city can make its residents feel at home, and not like they are on a 5 year stay away from home. Subsequently, this will reduce the levels of depression and feelings of isolation amongst expats, and provide a more comfortable way of living.

Hayi App helping neighbours
Bringing the neighbourhood experience online

Happy living requires a safe, peaceful and strong community. Our neighbourhoods, despite being so beautifully built, lack the heart and community within their gated walls. Neighbours long for connectivity, which is why they create their own Facebook and WhatsApp groups, to try and unite those within four walls to share common interests and better their lives within the community. Since COVID, people have realized the importance and value of 'neighbours helping neighbours'. Perspectives have been changed, and we see an underutilized resource that if used correctly can significantly enhance ones life.

Going forward, community is everything. Hayi looks to offer every resident the ability to create their own neighbourhood on the app, and utilize a safe and exclusive resource how they see fit. Whether you're looking to buy and sell secondhand items, connect with your property manager or simply connect with a likeminded neighbour, the Hayi app looks to streamline neighbour essentials and bring the entire neighbourhood experience online.

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