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How to Help Your Child Learn at Home

Families now face a situation where they must drastically adapt to a new way of living, with children arguably facing the largest change as their education shifts to distance learning. For most families this will be welcomed as more togetherness and down time with the kids, however it is vital that we as parents make the most to ensure our children get the most out of this new learning environment and that their performance does not get negatively affected by this pandemic.

Hayi has created some pointers and tips for families to help their children get the best out of their education:

Online learning for children
Online learning is the new norm

Adequate learning space creation

Make sure you have a quiet area in the house for your child to study. Preferably it should be a space cordoned off from the rest of the household to avoid distractions and so that your child doesn’t get sucked into family every day living in the middle of their ‘schooling time’. Have their learning space clean and organized and well-lit and aired to avoid fatigue or headache.

Create a strict schedule

This point is especially important, as with no school bells or peer groups, there will be no clear learning times for the child to orientate towards. Therefore, as a parent we must create scheduled learning times during the day so the child does not fall out of a routine.

Limit distractions

This will be particularly challenging for families with many younger children, as naturally they will want to mingle with each other. Therefore parents are advised to have regular activities planned for the younger children to keep them busy during the same time as the school children are scheduled to learn. Be strict about restricting TV, mobile and gaming devices during scheduled learning times.

Use a calendar

This is a great opportunity to teach your child how to responsibly use a diary or calendar. Give them the tools to mark and title their calendar appropriately. At the beginning the child may have difficulty sticking to his or her appointments or filling in the calendar efficiently, so make a challenge out of it! Offer to make the child their favourite dessert if they manage to create and stick to calendar deadlines and in no time you’ll see them become a master of time management!

Exercise & Activities

Be sure that your child doesn’t only stay indoors and learn, but also gets sufficient exercise as would be the case in PE sessions at school. This is your opportunity to create a regular daily schedule for your child to commit to his or her favourite sport! You can even coordinate these sessions with other families next door via the Hayi app.


Examine all technologies and media that may help your child to access the appropriate learning materials in an efficient way. Ensure you communicate with his or her teacher to find the right software and that it is installed and set up correctly.

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