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Safety First: How Hayi Helps Build a Safer Community

Driving in Dubai can be extremely frustrating, but more importantly it can be life-threatening. Drivers tend to ignore road signs and the speed limit in order to 'shave' off a few minutes of their journey, and in doing so can have serious consequences for themselves or others. In December 2019, two Indian students died in a car crash within the Greens neighbourhood from reckless driving which resulted in them losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree.

Safety is a shared responsibility

It is the responsibility of the community members to hold each other accountable for any acts that endanger the lives of residents. There is no need for gated communities and 24/7 security if residents are going to act dangerously anyway. Neighbourhoods are filled with children riding their bicycles, walking their dogs or playing in the streets. Accidents are bound to happen if drivers are unable to follow the rules.

Below are a few obvious reminders for drivers when driving within residential areas:

1. Abide by the community speed limit (25km/h)

2. Drive with caution near nursery and school zones

3. Adhere to road signs

4. Park your vehicle in allocated parking spaces

5. Watch out for reflective stripe delineators for visibility in the dark

How can Hayi help?

Hayi has a dedicated feed for Crime & Safety, where users can post photos or discussions regarding dangerous driving within the community. A common occurrence within neighbourhoods is where pets are hit by reckless drivers, and are left on the side of the street. The feed can be used to help identify or find missing pets that may have been killed by rash drivers. Community Management Providers can also share updates and safety reminders directly to residents and ensure everyone is aware of the consequences of unsafe driving.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on ways we can improve safety within the community through Hayi, please send it to

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