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Things to do During Coronavirus Lockdown

It's been three days now that Dubai has been on strict lockdown to allow for a nationwide disinfection campaign. With 63 new cases reported, the lockdown will be extended for an additional week to try and curb the outbreak. In the meantime, we've got a few useful tips to keep you sane during #StayHome.

Keep busy during Coronavirus
Keeping busy during Coronavirus

Remember boardgames?

Instead of being stuck inside on your phone or Netflix all day, a nice idea can be to dust off your old boardgames from Christmas '12 and have a 'friendly' competition with the family. It's a great way to pass the time and can keep the kids occupied on something else rather than scrolling through endless Coronavirus memes.

Masterchef Cook-Off

Although a little messy, this is a great way to teach the kids a few delicious recipes and practical skill-sets. Give the kids a score based on the taste of the food, their presentation skills and most importantly, their ability to clean up the mess and restore the kitchen to its cleanly state! Bonus: you'll get food brought to you without having to lift a finger.

Get Creative.

Some of the greatest inventions of all time have been founded during times of turmoil. Inspire the kids to try writing a fictional story, a poem or even a business idea! Find ways to build upon their creation by asking them questions and getting them to explore their concepts further. Who knows, you could be walking out of lockdown with a ready to patent creation!

Another way to keep busy is by logging onto your neighbourhood through the Hayi app. Join your neighbours to share information and updates on COVID-19 as well as offer assistance to those that may be in need. If you have any ideas on ways in which Hayi could help neighbours within Dubai, please reach out to us at

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