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Tips for Social Distancing

Social distancing is still very new for us as we're finding ourselves in an unprecedented situation. However, the more efficiently we can practice social distancing, the faster we can return to a normal living situation. Here are Hayi's Social distancing tips:

Know before you go

Before any type or errand or journey, make sure you are well informed about the restrictions of that area or building. Make sure you have read and understood the laws and guidelines as set out by the UAE government.

Prepare for transportation

Consider sensible options when leaving the house, whether it is walking, by car, bicycle, taxi, bus, train or rideshare. Always stay safe distance from other people and avoid multiple passengers sharing the same vehicle during taxi or ride sharing trips.

Limit contact when running errands

Limit unnecessary trips to only essential shopping and always stay a safe distance from people that aren’t part of your household. Always wear a facemask and ideally gloves as well. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after every trip outside the house.

Choose safe social activities

It is possible to stay connected with loved ones while socially distancing. Today we have a plethora of methods such as calling, video-chat, social media and of course the Hayi app to stay connected with your immediate neighbourhood. If you do have to meet a group of people, then it is safer to do so in an outdoor and airy environment.

Keep distance at events & gatherings

It is safest to avoid any sort of crowds or gatherings. However, if you do end up in a crowded area then make sure to stay a safe distance from everyone who isn’t part of your household and wear protective gear at all times. Do not shake hands and avoid any physical contact. Consider alternatives to handshaking such as an elbow touch or simply just a friendly nod. Stay aware of any floor markings in public spaces that help guide social distance.

Stay distanced while being active

There is no problem with staying active during this pandemic. But rather opt for outdoor exercises as opposed to an indoor Gym. If you do find yourself at a fitness studio, make sure to book a time slot in advance. If you suspect that there are too many people in the gym to be able to safely socially distance, kindly bring this to the attention to the gym supervisor and wait until the gym has become less crowded.

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