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What is Hayi and How Can It Help Neighbours?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Hayi is a free, private social network for neighbourhoods in Dubai. It provides neighbours with an exclusive platform to connect, share information and befriend those in close proximity. Hayi is Arabic for neighbourhood, and is pronounced as "Hay-Yah", kind of like the hit song by OutKast.

Below are several key ways that Hayi will help neighbours:

Users Verified

Every user is verified before being accepted into their digital neighbourhood. Users actual address can remain private as the app verifies the user through geo-location. If a resident is outside of their neighbourhood at the time of account creation, then they can share a proof of address through the application or simply register later once they return home. This verification process provides neighbours with a peace of mind that their address remains private and that other users within their neighbourhood are actual residents too.

Home Feed/Messaging

Users are able to post questions or updates in both photo & video format to the home feed, which acts as a digital noticeboard for the community. Neighbours can interact with posts by liking or commenting. Neighbours also have the ability to view other neighbours profiles and engage further through private messaging. This allows users to keep all their neighbour-related activities on the one app, as opposed to having to add neighbours on more intimate networks such as Facebook & WhatsApp, which are generally reserved for close friends and family.

Connecting with Public Agencies

Residents are often left frustrated at the lack of support or inability to resolve issues that arise within their communities. Residents rarely check community developer websites and communication via email is awfully slow. Hayi will onboard community developers to its platform for free to help facilitate a more convenient and two-way form of communication. Community developers like Emaar and Dubai Asset Management, will be able to manage their own profiles, post updates and promotions, as well as have access to private chat feature to respond to any neighbour queries. However, in order to maintain neighbour privacy, PA's will be unable to view any neighbour discussions. Not only will this be convenient for neighbours, it will also help PA's in managing their residents as well as increasing sales through its many great promotions on offer.

Hayi will also look to add a Business Discounts feature to its app, which will allow neighbours to avail great discounts on their favorite products and services from around the city. Access to the app and discount feature will always remain free for neighbours.

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