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Why Hayi? Why Now?

The Hayi App was born from a desire to bring a sense of community to the city of Dubai, and wider UAE. With a whopping 85% of the population being expatriate, Dubai boasts the opportunity to call itself a truly multicultural and diverse city. Whether you sit in a classroom or work in an office, you're guaranteed to be immersed in a sea of different nationalities which makes for an exciting and educational experience.

Sounds positive so far, what's the problem you ask? The problem lies within the big, beautiful gated communities - and within the walls of luxurious apartment buildings. Dubai is yet to find a way to truly connect its residential areas and create a strong sense of belonging or community. Remember the expatriate percentage I mentioned earlier? All 85% of the population have left their home countries to adopt Dubai as their second home. With rising rates of isolation and depression amongst residents, as well as expat retention rates that are decreasing at an alarming rate, it's hard not to think how different things could be with a stronger sense of community.

Furthermore, with COVID-19 making us feel even more home-sick and isolated, creating a digital platform for the community allows neighbours to truly feel involved in the community, from the comfort (and safety) of their couch.

We encourage all residents to either join their existing neighbourhood, or be the first to create their own. Find a casual tennis partner for a regular hit, create a carpool for school-runs or just keep up-to-date on what's going on within the neighbourhood - Hayi has something for everyone! You can download the app now on iOS or Android.

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