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Connecting neighbours across the UAE.

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About Hayi

Hayi is a free, private social network for neighbourhoods in Dubai. The mobile application provides neighbours with an exclusive platform to connect, share information and befriend those in close proximity. 


Dubai is known as one of the most family-friendly locations in the world, offering a plethora of safe and secure compounds, luxurious properties and endless nearby attractions. The only thing missing is a sense of community.

Key advantages
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Hayi uses geo-fencing to properly verify users. We make sure our neighbourhoods are for residents only.



Have all your neighbourhood information in one place. No need to add neighbours on personal apps like Facebook or WhatsApp.


A community built with real neighbours.

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Some of our features


Use the neighbourhood noticeboard to get recommendations and share information.


Connect with an individual through private messaging.


Search for neighbours by name or interest.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hayi?

Hayi is a free mobile application that allows residents of a neighbourhood to connect and share useful information with each other.

How to join Hayi?

You can join the app by doing the following:

  1. Download our app from the Apple app-store or Google Play
  2. Click on 'Join Your Neighbourhood'
  3. Create your account by filling in the required details
  4. Verify your location

What is the difference between Hayi and using Facebook/WhatsApp groups?

Hayi is tailored to interact solely with your neighbours. No outside noise, just you and your community. Currently in the UAE there isn't a platform that facilitates this interaction, and residents are forced to join Facebook or WhatsApp groups that are often open to multiple communities and offer mostly irrelevant information. We look to add additional features including a portal to facilitate two-way communication with Public Agencies for the community as well as a section to avail discounts for all your favourite products and services both nearby the neighbourhood and across the city.

Will my address remain private?

Yes! Throughout the verification process you are not required to mention your actual address or house number. We geo-fence the community so we record that you are living within the neighbourhood boundaries. If you are travelling or outside the neighbourhood at the time of registration, we will however require a screenshot of proof of address. *Please note that screenshots are not stored and are deleted upon successful verification.

Where is Hayi available?

Hayi is currently available in Dubai, UAE.

What if I can't find my neighbourhood or building?

Oops, we may have missed it or we have not yet expanded to your area. You can request your community here, or by sending an email to

How can I join the Volunteer Program for my community?

We are always welcoming new volunteers within each community. If you would like to establish or join a volunteer program for your community, please email us at, or post the question on your community feed.

Available only on iOS
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Find out what's going on in your neighbourhood.