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Community Guidelines

We want to ensure the safety of our Members and for everyone to feel respected and welcomed when they use Hayi. Therefore our community rules and guidelines have been developed in order for all our members to participate with each other in a safe space and respectful manner. 



Users feel safer when they know they are interacting with other real members. This creates a better sharing environment. As a result Hayi may not be used by Users to misrepresent who they are or what they are doing as this manipulates member’s use and enjoyment on Hayi.


Every User is required to use their real first name and last name which are on your legal identification card, book, passport or any legal document verifying you true identification. This means that professional titles, business, education, emojis and initials may not be used but may be listed on your Hayi profile. 

Exceptions will be for people who are commonly known by other names which are not their first name. It will therefore be acceptable for a prominent sports player known as “Beast Smith” to use that name then “John Smith” or an author “D.T Dudley” to use their initials as this is what they are mostly known by.

Real Address

We require for users to verify their address. As such users are prohibited from registering a personal profile at a business or organizational address, an address that is not your own, a postal address or any other mailing address or an address that is not within the geographical regional boarders of the Hayi community. 

A rental address in which you reside, a home address in which you own, primary residence, secondary part time residence may be used for registration of your personal profile.

Profile Pictures and Profile

Hayi reserves the right to remove profile pictures that users find offensive, intimidating, offensive, or inappropriate. This does not mean that a User strictly has to use their photo as a profile picture as some people may be uncomfortable sharing pictures of themselves. In this case an alternative picture may be used as long as it is respectful to the Hayi community.  

In terms of completing your profile, you are not required to complete your profile fields. This is optional. Hayi will not remove a user if they did not complete their profile or does not upload a profile picture. However we do encourage that these fields be completed as they optimize the users interaction with each other if they know more information about who they are interacting with. 


You may not impersonate individuals, groups or organizations in a way that intentionally misleads or confuses others. This means that accounts with similar usernames or similar in appearance will not be removed or if the user explicitly states it is not affiliated with or connected to any similarly named individuals or brands, as it will not be automatic violation of impersonation clause. The account has to portray another entity in a misleading or deceptive manner for it to be removed. 

Hayi will review accounts under this clause under a valid impersonation claims upon receiving a valid impersonation report. We do not actively monitor the users and their content. An impersonated party or authorised representative can file a report or if you believe an account is impersonating somebody else. 

Submitting a report with incomplete information will delay the processing of your report. 

If a user violates this impersonation clause, Hayi reserves the right to suspend your account and in some cases permanently suspend it on the first review. You may submit an appeal if you believe that your account was suspended in error.  


Violence and Incitement

Hayi will remove language that incites or facilitates serious violence. We remove content, suspend or permanently suspend accounts and work with law enforcement when we believe that there is a genuine risk of physical garn or direct threats to public safety. We will try to distinguish between casual statements used for hyperbolic speech such as “I will kill you for that spoiler alert” between friends, from content that constitute a real threat to public or personal safety. In order to determine whether a threat is real we look at additional information such as the user’s visibility and risks to their physical safety. 

Users may not post;

  • Content that threatens to sexually assault someone

  • Content that allude to committing high severity violence or make threats that could lead to death. 

  • Content that requests for or offers services for the hire to kill other such as hitmen, assassins or mercenaries, or advocate for the use of hitmen, assassins  

  • Action will be taken against users who post statements or intent or advocacy, or aspirational or conditional statements to kidnap a target. 

  • Threats that lead to serious injury towards private individuals, minor public figures, high risk persons or high groups. 

  • Threats that lead to physical harm or other forms of severity violence toward private individuals, minor public figures or high risk persons or high risk groups.

  • Imagery of private individuals or minor public figures that have been manipulated to include threats of violence either in text or pictorially.

  • Any content created for the express purpose of outing an individual as a member of a designated and recognisable at risk group. 

  • Instructions on how to make or use weapons if there is evidence of a goal to seriously injure or kill people through explicitly affirming that goal or photos or videos that show or simulate that goal as part of the instruction. 

  • Providing information on how to make or use explosives unless there is explicit context that it is for a non-violent purposes such as part of a scientific or educational purpose, commercial video games, fireworks or fishing. 

  • Misinformation that contributes to imminent violence or physical harm.

  • Calls to action, statements of intent to bring armaments to locations, including but not limited to places of worship, or encouraging others to do the same.

You can report this violation whether you’re a Hayi user or not.

Violation of this clause we will immediately and permanently suspend any account found to be posting violent threats. We may require you to remove content and not suspend the account immediately in instances where it was for example, hyperbolic speech. Your account may also be temporarily suspended. Continuous violation of this clause will result in your account being permanently disabled.   


Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation

Hayi has a zero tolerance towards any material that features or promotes child pornography or sexual exploitation. This includes but not limited to any visuals, illustrations, sexualised commentaries, links to third party sites, sharing fantasies about engaging in child sexual exploitation, sending sexually explicit media to a child, obtaining sexually explicit media to a child, identifying alleged victims of childhood sexual exploitation by name, image of any other method that reveals the alleged victim’s identity. 

You can report potential violations of this clause whether you’re a Hayi user or not.

A User who violates this clause will have their account immediately and permanently disabled. A user will further be prohibited from creating any new accounts in the future. When we are made aware of this violating content including third party links, it will be removed without notice and reported to local authorities within our geographical region or any other authorities working with missing or exploited children. 

In other instances where no malicious intent has been identified, we will require the user to remove the content and the account will be temporarily suspended. 



Hayi does not allow any organization or individuals that proclaim a violent mission or engage in violence. This includes but not limited to terrorist activity, organised hate, mass murder or multiple murders, human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, assault money laundering or organised violence or criminal activity. Content expressing support or praise for these groups or individuals will be removed. We further prohibit symbols that represent any of the organizations or individuals. Hayi aims to encapsulate the prevention of real world harm.

You can report potential violations of this clause whether you’re a Hayi user or not.

Hayi will immediately and permanently suspend any account that we determine to be violation of this clause. 


Hate, Abuse and Harassment Content 

Hayi prohibits for users to engage in targeted harassment or abuse of someone nor encourage other users to do so. Some posts may be considered to be abusive when considered in isolation but may not be when considered in a broader context. Action will be taken against users’ account profiles which include violent threats such as statement that threaten to murder, abusive slurs such as wishing for example, someone to become ill and subsequently die, racist or sexist tropes, content that incites fear, content that violates a person’s human dignity. Hayi further prohibits the use of hateful images or symbols in a user’s account profile

Users need not be a member of a particular category that has been harassed or abused in order to report or for Hayi to take action. When taking action we consider factors such as the severity of the violation, previous record as well as any other factor we may deem necessary. A user who has violated this clause will be asked to remove the content and may have their account suspended. Repeated violations may result to permanent suspension of the user’s account.


Profanity and Obscene Language

Contrary to popular belief, the use of profanity and vulgar is not a sign of intelligence. Users should refrain from using language that is offensive, disgusting or disrespectful to other users in the community or any other person. 

Users who have violated this clause will be asked to remove the content or in other instances have their accounts suspended. Continuous violation may result to the permanent suspension of an account. The user will also not be able to create a new account. Users can report potential violations of this clause.


Violation of Privacy

Hayi prohibits the sharing or posting of another user’s private information without permission from the owner this includes the sharing of screenshots reposting of information with additional Hayi Community members or other people outside Hayi Community, posting the content of direct or private messages through Hayi without the other party’s permission, posting the pictures of children without the parents or legal guardian’s permission, posting private legal document which may not be used for public use, posting a person’s legal or medical history, posting contact or account information such as an email address, contact number, credit cards or bank notification. 

Importantly, a user may not share or post intimate photos or videos of someone that were produced or distributed without their consent. Hayi allows the sharing of public agency posts, business pages, deals, and public events. Furthermore the posting of contact information when recommending someone’s services. However a user or person may request for their information to be removed in which we will remove it. 

Hayi allows for the pictures of people taken in public spaces except those of children without the parents or guardian’s consent. 


Illegal and Regulated Goods and Services

Hayi encourages safety and compliance with common and local legal restrictions. As such users are encouraged to ensure that they are complying with local laws and are not engaging in illegal transactions. 

Hayi prohibits the individuals, manufacturers and retailers to purchase, sell, exchange and trade:

  • Non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs and marijuana.

  • Firearms including firearm parts or ammunition, between private individuals on Hayi. 

  • Alcohol, including homebrews

  • Prescription drugs and prescription medical devices

  • Tobacco 

  • Other controlled substances

  • Lottery tickets

  • Slot machines

  • Wagering services 

  • Food stamps or any other items obtained through government assistance 

  • Government issued documents

  • Licenses and Identification, 

  • Prostitution or escort services

  • Pornography

  • Adult toys or products

CORONA VIRUS items not allowed to be listed got sale and are subject to removal:

  • Masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks and gloves

  • Hand Sanitisers, gel and similar products

  • Disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies 


Hayi further reserves the right to remove posts about other items or services that we believe are illegal, fraudulent, or harmful to the Hayi Community. 


Fraud and Deception 

Hayi will remove content aimed at deliberately deceiving people to gain an unfair advantage or deprive another of money, property or legal right or content we deem to be spam.

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