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Business Service Terms

Welcome to Hayi! Hayi is where neighbours tap into their neighbourhood to receive trusted information, give and get help, get things done and build real-world connections with those nearby. We believe by bringing neighbours, including businesses, together, we can create a stronger and more connected community. These Business Service Terms (the “Business Terms”) govern your rights and responsibilities related to your use of Hayi’s Business Services.


“Business Services” are services and features offered to Neighbours that are intended for commercial or business uses, such as having a Business Profile and Local Offers.


By using Hayi’s Business Services, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to these Business Terms.


Business Page, Account Setup and Local Offers


Our mission is to use the power of technology to help neighbours build stronger and more connected neighbourhoods. We make business features, such as Business Profiles and Local Offers, available at our discretion for use in support of that mission. Business Profiles on Hayi contain a basic set of details about the business, such as a selection of photos, business category, telephone number, website and a location map. If neighbours have recommended the business, the Business Profile may also show those recommendations.




Business Profiles are available free of charge to lawful businesses that are offering at least one Local Offer to Neighbours on the application. Local Offers can be added and removed at any time at the discretion of the business by signing into the app with their Account Details or by sending an email to


Using Your Business Profile


a) Using your Business Profile. Once your Profile has been created, you can edit it to correct errors or to add more content, such as a logo, profile information or to add or remove Local Offers.


b) Local Offers. Local Offers can be added and removed at any time by accessing your Business Profile. Local Offers are created at the discretion of the business and are used to incentivize Neighbours to visit and transact with the business.


c) Scanning Offers. Each Business Profile has a unique QR code which will be printed in the form of a flyer or table-top banner which can be redeemed by the Neighbours at the Businesses premise. To redeem the offer, the Neighbour will ask to scan the code which then allows them to leave a review of the Business and also boosts the Businesses visibility on the app each time a unique Local Offer has been availed.


d) Neighbour Reviews and Recommendations. Once a Local Offer has been availed, a Neighbour can then leave a review of 1-5 stars as well as a comment on their experience with the Business. As a Business, you can also ask your customers to review or recommend your Business on Hayi. You can ask for Neighbour recommendations in person, via email or through social media.


Interactions and Transactions with Neighbours


You and your Business are responsible for your acts on Hayi. You further acknowledge and agree that you and your Businesses’ interactions with Neighbours may affect the reputation of your Business, and it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that all staff and operations are aware that your Business has Local Offers available on Hayi. This will then create a seamless experience for the Neighbours without the embarrassment and confusion of rejecting their request to avail the Local Offer.


Business Profile and Local Offers: Free of Charge


Hayi offers Businesses in the United Arab Emirates with access to a free Business Profile and Local Offers in neighbourhoods of their choice. There is no subscription or commission fee for these two services and the Business can make the most out of their free access to the social network. It is at the discretion of the Business on how actively they use the social network to maximize the value from hyperlocal marketing. Hayi provides a free product to the Business but the performance of the Business on Hayi in terms of sales and brand awareness is directly dependent on how the Business markets itself and the cooperation of the Business in creating a seamless experience for the Neighbours.


Hayi Promotional Material


Hayi covers the cost of any requested promotional material of the app within the Businesses premise. Whilst every business is entitled to a unique tabletop QR code for availing Local Offers, Businesses can request additional material at no cost, such as flyers, posters or other material to promote on the premise that Local Offers are available for Neighbours and to encourage Neighbours to leave a positive review of the Business in their Neighbourhood.




Last updated: January 9th, 2022.

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