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Al Rashidiya

Situated just south of Dubai International Airport is the community of Al Rashidiya, Dubai. The area is commonly known as just Rashidiya. Here, residents will find several government offices, shopping malls and other places of interest. Al Rashidiya mostly has villas, which makes it suitable for families looking for a home in the heart of old Dubai.

Al Rashidiya

Considered as one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Dubai, the area mostly houses villas which are home to several Emirati and expat families. There are parks, libraries, schools and many shops within the area. Here, Dubai Public Library Al Rashidiya is one of the top public libraries in Dubai on 31st Street Number 11. Also, residents will find that many attractions and leisure amenities are a short drive away.

Residents use the Hayi app to connect with neighbours living in Al Rashidiya and nearby neighbourhoods

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