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Bur Dubai

Relive Dubai's past and trace the city's origins in this storied neighbourhood where traditional souks, authentic dining and seafaring vibes thrive.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a historical district located on the western side of Dubai Creek. Located along the picturesque Dubai Creek, this historic district boasts an array of cultural landmarks, bustling souks, and traditional architecture. The community is home to historical sites including the Dubai Museum, The Ruler’s Court, the Al Fahidi Historical District/Neighbourhood and the Al Shindagha Historical District. Bur Dubai location is also home to the Grand Mosque which features the city’s tallest minaret and the blue-tiled Iranian Mosque. The waterside path of Bur Dubai features a line-up of dhows offering dinner cruises. The district has many shopping streets and textile souks such as Al Seef and Meena Bazaar.

Residents use the Hayi app to connect with neighbours living in Bur Dubai and nearby neighbourhoods

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