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Meydan/MBR City

Meydan City, Dubai outshines even the most glorious neighbourhoods of the emirate.

Meydan/MBR City

Newly established, Meydan City was launched in the year 2007 at the eve of the Dubai World Cup with remarkable projects on board. These projects included hotels and resorts, a sky bubble restaurant, entertainment clubs, a concourse plaza, skyscrapers and a boat house. Various innovative sub-communities have been developed since its inception including Meydan One, The Polo Residences, The Polo Townhouses, Millennium Estates, Meydan Avenue, and Meydan Heights to name a few. Aiming to offer an unparalleled living experience and access to globally recognised sporting and entertainment events, Meydan Dubai is a modern society with a unique presence on the emirate’s map.

Residents use the Hayi app to connect with neighbours living in Meydan and nearby neighbourhoods.

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