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Win a Free Coffee at Coffee Planet

Coffee Planet is a next-level café experience - a fusion of the World's finest 100% Arabica specialty coffees and the rich theme and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. Win your free coffee by engaging in your neighbourhood!

How Hayi Works

win free coffee from coffee planet


Engage & complete challenges to earn points

win free coffee from coffee planet


Use coins to bid on favorite free rewards

win free coffee from coffee planet


Win and redeem your free prize!

How do I win a free coffee at Coffee Planet?

  • The best way to earn a lot of points is by inviting your friends and neighbours to join the app for their community. Invites carry more points than any other challenge.

  • Make sure you stay a top bidder. Rewards run on a time limit and to win you'll need to be a top bidder by the time the reward time runs out.

  • If you win, you'll find your reward in the 'Your Rewards' tab along with information on how to redeem your reward.

Win Free Rewards 

Join Hayi and win prizes by engaging within your neighbourhood

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